CSR Audits

Corporate Social Responsibility, or “CSR”, is one of the buzzwords of modern business practice. Conscious that the workplace is a massive consumer of carbon producing energy, it has become imperative that regular CSR Audits are undertaken to determine the company’s “carbon footprint”. Successful completion of these audits will result in the allocation of particular ISO logo’s being attributed to the company, which will assist business with increasingly environmentally concerned clients.

We can take this process one step further, offering training and qualifications in CSR related training. Now your company can have an internal auditor removing the reliance placed upon external organisations.

CSR Audits offers, among many other programs, the following:

  • MSS40111 Certificate IV in Sustainable Operations
  • MSS50111 Diploma of Sustainable Operations
  • MSS70111 Vocational Graduate Certificate in Sustainabile Operations
  • MSS40211 Certificate IV in Environmental Monitoring and Technology
  • MSS50211 Diploma in Environmental Monitoring and Technology
  • MSS70211 Vocational Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management

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